Blanket MERINO LUX-450

Blanket MERINO LUX-450

4.7 (21 reviews)
Composition: 80% merino wool, 20% nylon
Weight g/m2: 450 g/m2
Country of origin: Ukraine
Weight: 1.500kg
53,29 €

Price may vary by colour or size

53,29 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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Blanket MERINO LUX-450

Merino wool really deserves an exclusive ovation - due to its unique qualities it gives each product a fantastic softness, gentleness, coziness and warmth. It is no surprise that merino wool is highly valued. It is obtained from the wool of merino sheep. These sheep are grown in Australia and New Zealand, where they have a very favorable climate and breeding conditions. As a result of these factors sheeps produce high-quality wool with special qualities which earns a lot of sympathy all over the world. Merino wool is used in the manufacture of woolen clothing, other textile products, but one of the most popular products from this wool are blankets. Once you are wrapped in a merino wool blanket, you will fall in love with it and won’t want to let it go.

The merino wool blanket that can ideally adapt to body’s temperature will be indispensable in the cold season as well as on cooler summer evenings when you want to spend some time on the terrace, in nature, on a romantic boat trip or just watch a lovely sunset at the seaside.

Merino wool blanket is very warm and cozy. It will keep the warmth pleasantly even at a cooler temperature at home or outdoors. But do not be fooled - although it keeps the warmth perfectly the best part is that it will not allow to overheat, because merino wool is breathable, so the skin will be able to breathe freely. In addition wool does not irritate even the most sensitive skin, does not cause allergies and is suitable even for skin prone to allergies. You will also be fascinated by the lightness of the blanket - it will not restrict movements at all and when you cover yourself with it you will not feel the weight of the blanket, only indescribable fluffiness and softness.

The merino wool blanket combines solid luxury, elegance, fluffiness and amazing softness. Therefore these products are very often chosen for themselves, as gifts, as well as for children - suitable even for the youngest, to whom it reminds of the most cozy mother’s embrace in the world.

This product is made of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabric. This certification ensures that no harmful substances are used in the processing of the fibres and that the bedding is safe, non-allergenic and suitable for children.

Please be aware that colors in reality may differ slightly from colors in photos.

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