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Zipper: Without zipper
Upper fabric: Microfiber ANTISTRESS - 99,4% polyester, 0,6% carbon fiber
Filling: Elastic 3D hollow fiber - 100% polyester
Filling weight: 350 g/m2
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From 17,89 €

Price may vary by colour or size

From 17,89 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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Why buy ANTISTRESS blanket with woven carbon thread? Coal has a special feature to remove the electrostatic charge from your body, so while sleeping with this blanket your body will relax, relax, and in the morning you will wake up without any stress!

  • Blanket top fabric: micro fiber ANTISTRESS - 100% polyester.
  • Blanket Filler: Polyester Fiber Balls (exclusive "HUGIS").
  • The structure of the hollow fiber provides a high thermal insulation capacity because the air inside the fiber acts as an insulator.
  • The padding is resistant to microorganisms and is completely health-conscious.
  • Washing in the washing machine, the recommended washing temperature is 60 ° C.Common mechanical action, whiplash and centrifugation.
  • Recommended washing minimaly 1x pre year

Special features

  • Carbon fiber cancels the negative effect of electrostatic charge.
  • The antistress substance contributes to a peaceful, deep and undisturbed sleep.
  • Suitable for allergists.
  • Protection against electrosmog.
  • Carbon fibers.
  • High warmth.

Please be aware that colors in reality may differ slightly from colors in photos.

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