The goods, ordered from UAB Nostra’s online shop, can be returned according to the Law of Obligations Act, and consumer rights regulations regarding online purchases.

If a defective item has been sold to the customer without a notice, UAB Nostra is obliged to solve the situation on one of the following ways, according to the customer’s demand:

  • replacing the defective item with a quality item;
  • offer a discount on the item sold;
  • refund the purchase sum.

When returning a defective item, delivery cost is not to be refunded.

If it turns out that the item was damaged by the fault of the customer, the goods will be returned to the customer only if the customer covers the expenses for return delivery and resending, as well as the cost of the product inspection if applicable.


The procedure for returning defective goods:

Please fill in the return form that you can download HERE.

Send the filled in return form to

We will send a courier to pick up the defective goods, so the following data should definitely be shown in the return form: the first and last name of the customer, the pickup address for the defective goods and a date suitable for pickup (a business day), all the necessary contacts (mobile phone number, e-mail), order reference number, dates of placing and receiving the order, purchase sum, name of the product, and a detailed description of the defect.

Returning of quality items is possible according to the consumer rights regulations regarding online purchases. The consumer covers the cost of return delivery for quality items.


Return conditions for quality items:

Returning of items is possible within 14 days, starting from the date of receiving the items.

Returned items must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The returnable items must be undamaged and in an original package that is equivalent to new (this is not applicable for returning defective goods).
  • The goods must be undamaged by the customer.
  • The goods must be unused and with an appearance suitable for reselling (labels attached and undamaged, protective films not removed etc). This is not applicable for returning defective goods.
  • The goods must be returned in the same sets as they were delivered.
  • The goods must be packed in a transport-proof package, e.g. a box or protective envelope.
  • To return the goods, a return form must be filled and the returnable goods must be precised there. The return form can be found here. Please print out the form and send it together with the returned goods.
  • Money will be refunded on the bank account marked in the return form, within 15 business days from the day the goods reach to our returns office.


The return delivery costs for quality goods will be covered by the customer.

The delivery cost will not be refunded when returning quality goods.


The procedure to return quality goods:

1. Returning by Omniva parcel terminal.

  • Please fill in and add a printed return form to the goods, you will find it HERE.
  • Goods must be returned to the Tallinna Donte Ärikeskuse parcel terminal in Tallinn (NB! Don’t mix it up with Tondi Selver parcel terminal!).
  • Receiver: Monarie OÜ (MakesYouLocal)
  • Mobile phone of the receiver: +372 56 255 395
  • If needed, the instructions for sending a parcel can be found here.


2. Goods can be returned to the return office also by courier or personally by the customer:

  • NB! When returning the items personally, it is necessary to call first on the above mentioned number to arrange the precise time. Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 17.00. Please fill in and add a printed return form to the goods, you will find it HERE.
  • Address of the return office: Pärnu mnt 144, Tallinn 11317 (Monarie OÜ (MakesYouLocal)).
  • Please do not send returned items to a post office, as we don’t have the possibility to receive parcels from post offices.


Complaints about the quality of goods or services

To place complaints about goods or services, purchased from our online shop, the Customer has the right to turn to the Customer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority or place a complaint on the website of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia