About us

LTD NOSTRA was founded in 1991. Today, it is one of the largest companies in the Baltic States engaged in textile import and wholesale and retail trade.

In 2012, the company moved to new spacious premises near Vilnius (Vilnius - Kaunas highway 24km) with a total area of ​​8000m2. Under one roof, there is an office, a retail store, modern production and customs warehouses that can store more than 4000t of fabrics at a time. For the convenience of buyers, the range of rooms where you can inspect each item, evaluate the quality yourself, and get qualified sales manager advice. Since 2013, we have started to create a range of fabrics - a new modern design studio has been created, where designers create drawings that meet the growing needs and demand of their customers.


UAB NOSTRA activity

  • Since its inception, NOSTRA LTD has specialized and expanded its activities in the field of textiles, so the accumulated experience, long-term relationships with the manufacturers, the trust of the business partners and the professional team allow us to offer our customers the best quality products at a favorable price and large storage facilities to maintain uninterrupted supplies. from more than 30 European and Asian suppliers. We supply fabrics and home textile products to both Lithuanian and foreign clients: medical institutions, trade and catering companies, hotels, spa centers, sewers, laundry and other companies.
  • cotton and mixed woven fabrics for working clothes of various weights and applications, specialized fabrics for medical institutions;
  • The quality of fabrics and home textile products sold by LTD NOSTRA is well known not only in Lithuanian but also in foreign markets. We collaborate with our closest neighbors: Latvia, Estonia, and Western and Central Europe: Germany, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and others. A large number of products are also traveling to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In 2019, the trade turnover was 15 million. EUR.
  • The company currently employs 35 people.


Online Store Assortment

  • Bed sets. We have special collections from sateen, maco sateen, baby fabrics.
  • Sheets. Various types of sheets from sateen, jersey, cotton.
  • Towels - different weights, colors and sizes. Kitchen, terry towels and bath mats for your home or hotel, jacquard and embroidery - for every taste and needs;
  • Blankets and bedspreads. Soft woolen blankets, colorful cotton or wool / linen blankets for children, decorated or embroidered with fun drawings, microfiber of various sizes, cotton or spiked bedspreads - the easiest way to bring home comfort;
  • stitched blankets and pillows filled with siliconised fiber. Pillow filler ball ball, which increases the durability of the pillows;
  • mattresses with wool;
  • tablecloths, napkins and other nice things for the home.


Our team constantly participates in the world's largest home textile exhibitions




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