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Composition: 100% New Zealand type wool
Weight g/m2: 340 g/m2
Country of origin: Ukraine
Attention!: Size is given along with the length of the fringes!
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27,29 €

Price may vary by colour or size

27,29 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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The stylish and very warm blanket ZELANDIA will keep the company in case of harsh weather, gloomy and dark autumn evenings, while spending time in nature, spending evenings on the terrace or balcony of a house, it will also be indispensable while relaxing or sleeping. This 140x200 cm blanket can replace a coverlet - you can fit under it alone or with your significant other as well as sit comfortably with children or even the whole family!


The fiber used for blanket ZELANDIA will impress the supporters of natural and ecological ideas. The 100% New Zealand wool product will embody all the qualities of this fiber. Wool is one of the oldest fibers, valued and receiving a lot of positive feedback. People adore its softness, others praise the warmth of the wool, some admire wool for its air permeability, which ensures that you will not overheat or sweat and feel very comfortable while being covered up with this blanket. The skin will freely breathe, wool will not irritate or cause any allergies so you can cover sleeping babies with a blanket and not worry about it.

Let's not forget the beneficial qualities of wool for health - it seems to perform a natural micro massage and improve blood circulation.

If warmth is very important to you and you just can't live without it then the ZELANDIA blanket will definitely earn your favor. As the name of the product says itself the wool that is used to make these blankets is from in New Zealand. The sheep like the great climate here so it is joked that in gratitude they grow wool with exclusive qualities which is widely used in textile products.

The touch of the blanket will leave you amazed - we can already say that it will become one of your favorite things in your home. And don't be fooled - not only in the cold season, but always because wool adapts perfectly to body temperature. So while you feel perfectly warm with this blanket in winter, it won’t let you sweat even during summer.

We offer more than forty color and pattern choices for this blanket. The colors vary in an extremely wide range from pastel, soft shades to classical, bright colors. Additional charm is added with minimalistic tassels and patterns - precise zigzags, lines and checks that have become classics. Or maybe you are interested in a monochrome option for a modern home interior?

This product is made of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabric. This certification ensures that no harmful substances are used in the processing of the fibres and that the bedding is safe, non-allergenic and suitable for children.

Please be aware that colors in reality may differ slightly from colors in photos.

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