Woolen plaid BOUCLE-350

Woolen plaid BOUCLE-350

4.8 (82 reviews)
Composition: 80% wool, 20% polyester
Weight g/m2: 350 g/m2
Country of origin: Ukraine
Attention!: Size is given along with the length of the fringes!
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28,69 €

Price may vary by colour or size

28,69 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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Woolen plaid BOUCLE-350

Features of the plaids:

  • Thicker, but light enough plaid
  • Fluffy and soft, but with the coarseness of natural wool
  • Natural wool as a base
  • Woven in boucle thread, original appearance
  • Decorative eyelets on the surface create a unique texture
  • Stretch woven for excellent shape retention
  • Blended composition for durability and wear resistance
  • With tassels, decorative appearance

The charm of these plaids is irresistible - just look at how cute and elegant they are. BOUCLE plaids are in line with the latest trends in interior design: the fluffy sheep wool-like fabrics make a cosy accent in a wide range of interior styles. The BOUCLE plaid perfectly combines elegance with cosiness and the ever-trendy classic. And, of course, it's pleasantly warm!

BOUCLE plaids have a distinctive look thanks to their French-style weaving. The fabric itself is dense, but also light and fluffy, creating an elegantly playful impression. And the appearance of the blanket perfectly reflects its properties, thanks to its natural fibre-enriched composition. The wool makes the surface of the plaid slightly rougher, but without irritating the skin, and it retains its original look, reminiscent of sheep's curls.

As much as 80% of the total number of... The BOUCLE plaid is made from natural wool. This long-established and widely used fibre has the very best properties, is perfect for sleeping and responds to our body's needs. Wool is a true gift of nature that everyone can enjoy in their own home. The surface of the blanket is covered with countless loops of thread that gently touch the surface of the skin and instantly envelop you in pleasant warmth.

Natural wool contains lanolin, so it's like a plaid that repels dirt and doesn't absorb odours. You can use it as an interior detail when you want to cosy up on the sofa, or as a bedspread in the bedroom, where the thick tassels at the ends look particularly playful. And in the warmer seasons, the BOUCLE plaid can also replace a blanket. Thanks to their natural composition, these rugs are suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive or allergic skin.

The durability and ease of use of BOUCLE plaids is guaranteed by the synthetic fibre additive in their composition. It gives the rug its strength and resilience, while retaining the wonderful properties of natural wool. The duo of different fibres is the perfect choice for enjoying the cosiness and comfort of a plaid and its versatile use.

BOUCLE plaids are characterised by their minimalist design, but they are also perfect for a wide range of interior styles. Finding a place in your home for this lovely rug will be a breeze. It can also be a wonderful gift to show your care, tenderness and warm feelings to a loved one. The lovely plaid creates an illusion of fluffiness and volume, which unwittingly takes you back to your childhood, to cosy evenings with a storybook... And who could resist the charm of this beautiful BOUCLE plaid?

Please be aware that:

  • The colours in reality may slightly differ from the colours in the photos.
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Color: 80-3321-NATURAL

Nusivyliau, kadangi pledas gana šiurkštus. Aprašyme buvo parašyta, kad medžiaga švelni


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BOUCLE pledų sudėtis :  80% vilna, 20% poliesteris, tad pledai yra pakankamai švelnūs, bet gali ir šiek tiek „kąsti“ dėl vilnos sudėties, tačiau ši vilnos savybė padeda jiems išlaikyti purumą ir boucle būdingą tekstūrą.


Color: 80-3321-DARK PLUM

Labai puikūs, kokybiški, šilti pledai.Džiaugiuosi įsigijusi.Miela, netikėta dovanėlė! Greitas pristatymas!


Color: 80-3321-DARK PEACH

man lyg norėtųsi daugiau vilnos.bet gerai


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